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From an in-depth round table discussion to a theater full of people, Rens will raise your event to a higher level. He contributes ideas, has a lot of energy and knows his business. One thing is sure: Rens knows how to hit the right note with your audience.

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How to create brilliant quiz questions? 5 tips!

More than often I get the question: can we also do a quiz at our event? The same goes for BuzzMaster, more and more requests are coming in to organize an interactive quiz, for example during a customer or staff event. That is perfectly logical. A...

Will airlines struggle in the world of VR?

The promise of virtual reality has been with us quite some time. But now things are starting to look promising on the short term. Olcus Rift, Hololens, and Samsung VR-goggles are already on sale, or will be hitting the market anytime soon. For now...

Rens de Jong