About Rens

My name is Rens de Jong. I have been fascinated with making radio programs since I was 11. First behind the scenes, but soon as a presenter. I particularly liked interviewing (and still do). And the great thing is that I have been able to turn my hobby into my career.

I have been presenting a variety of different programs for BNR Nieuwsradio since 2000 and have frequently appeared on RTLZ. I am also an entrepreneur and founded the company BuzzMaster in 2014.

My clients often find me humorous, energetic and very well-read

I am also much in demand as a moderator or motivational speaker. Sometimes at very large events, sometimes in very intimate settings. I present these seminars, conferences, round tables and strategy sessions in Dutch as well as English. My clients often find me humorous, energetic and very well-read. I am very proud of the title I earned: “Moderator of the year”.

I specialize in topics in which changes come to the surface

We live in very interesting times, with many changes. I specialize in a number of topics in which you can see those changes come to the surface: Entrepreneurship, Technology, Sustainability and Human Capital.

These are also challenging times, in which we all have to look diligently for solutions. I am convinced that entrepreneurs and businesses play a key role in all of the important changes in our lives, society and the world. These entrepreneurs and businesses must also take responsibility. That’s why I interview them, grill them, and ask them about their best practices and brilliant failures.

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Rens de Jong