About Rens

Hello, my name is Rens de Jong. I have been passionate about creating radio programs since I was 11 years old. Initially, I worked behind the scenes, but eventually moved on to presenting. I especially enjoy conducting interviews (and still do). Fortunately, I have been able to turn my hobby into my career.

I have hosted a range of different programs for BNR Nieuwsradio since 2000 and have also made numerous appearances on RTLZ. In addition to my work in media, I am also an entrepreneur and founded BuzzMaster in 2014, a company which I exited in 2020.

I am often described by my clients as humorous, energetic, and well-informed.

I am also in high demand as a moderator or motivational speaker, and have experience in both large and intimate event settings. I deliver these seminars, conferences, roundtables, and strategy sessions in Dutch and English. My clients often find me humorous, energetic, and well-informed, and I am proud to have earned the title “Moderator of the Year”.

I specialize in topics related to change

We are living in exciting times with many changes taking place. I specialize in several topics where these changes are particularly evident: entrepreneurship, technology, sustainability, and human capital.

These are also challenging times, and it is important for us to seek out solutions. I believe that entrepreneurs and businesses play a key role in addressing the major changes taking place in our lives, society, and the world. It is also important for these entrepreneurs and businesses to take responsibility. This is why I interview them, ask tough questions, and learn about their best practices and successes as well as their failures.

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Rens de Jong