We live in incredibly interesting times. What many call a crisis, is in fact a symptom of something else entirely. It signals change. No small steps, but major shifts. It’s not an era of change, it’s the change of an era.
I am specialized in the dynamic that emerges when these different changing worlds meet and the consequences for the world of business. Take a look below at some of the themes I think are most important. I am available for talks, presentations and moderation of debates on these topics.


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Only people with the guts to go against the grain, the people that do things differently have the ability to actually change things. I believe that to be the essence of being an entrepreneur. Yet, even entrepreneurs need a little push every now and then – to innovate, invest (in customers?) or expand internationally.

Technological Impact

Why did cell phone carriers overlook the rise of Whatsapp? Why did Kodak respond too late to developments in digital photography? Which effects do technological innovations have on the business model of a company or even an entire industry? What happens when we allow self-driving cars on our streets? What happens when computers meet our analytical capacities? What happens to factories when we can 3D-print what we need ourselves?

Human capital

We speak of ‘compensation & benefits’ in English. And that’s what it feels like for a lot of people: you should be compensated for the freedom you surrender when working for a boss. What’s left is hoping employees don’t bore themselves to death before reaching the finish line (i.e. retirement). I refuse to accept this ‘truth’. The organizations truly ready for the future know how to get the most and the best out of their people. How? By working with an inspiring mission, by granting them freedom and responsibility (and not just those employees with degrees), and giving them the room to experiment and fail.

Sustainable Innovation

It’s hard to predict the future, but sustainability is definitely a trend that is impacting business more and more. It’s still very much in development, but those that fall behind will not survive. The most important question when it comes to sustainable innovation is how to make it part of your organization’s CORE. A lot of sustainability programs focus on ‘less bad’, even though that basically amounts to driving the wrong way but at a lower speed. Which companies manage to turn the full 180 degrees? And which factors contribute to the success or failure of such attempts?