My new mission: driving change

This summer I completed my Executive MBA at HEC in Paris after 18 months. While HEC may not be a household name in the Netherlands, it is highly respected globally as a top business school. The program was an invaluable and educational journey, providing me with the opportunity to learn and grow in an international setting.

As a journalist and presenter for the past 23 years, I have reported on and analyzed the changes taking place in our society. I strongly believe that in addressing the major challenges of our time, businesses and entrepreneurs play a crucial role, and must work alongside a proactive government to drive necessary transitions.

We are currently witnessing an unprecedented amount of change, from the war in Ukraine to the tight labor market and the increasing pressure on our planet. It can be easy to become discouraged, but I believe it is our duty to remain optimistic and to work together to find solutions.

Over the next 23 years, I want to be more actively involved in driving change. I am passionate about helping companies successfully navigate their own transitions by clearly communicating their strategy internally, getting senior leadership on board, and generating enthusiasm for change throughout the organization.

If your company is ready to turn over a new leaf and create a culture of change-makers, I would love to work with you. Let’s discuss how I can help your business tap into the energy and momentum needed for positive transformation.

Wat vind jij?

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Rens de Jong