Hiring Rens

Would you like to hire me to be the moderator at your conference? Do you need a solid chairperson for the day for your round table session? Or do prizes have to be awarded, and you need some depth in addition to a dashing personality? The quickest way to check if I am available is to fill in the form on the right. I will then automatically reserve the date as an option in the calendar. You will subsequently be contacted within 24 hours.

Let’s make a good, substantive show. A show that quickly alternates between interviews, speeches and interaction.

What makes me happy? What do I really like to do?

Moderator at conferences

I really like to do this, but only if the program offers some kind of challenge. So, I’m not going to just act as an announcer; others will be better than me. Let’s make a really good, substantive show. A show that alternates between interviews, speeches and interaction with the audience. As a professional master-of-ceremonies, I aim for no less than high marks. I would like to help you set up a scenario, so let me know if you have plans and I can contribute ideas for your event. The good news: it’s all-inclusive.

Round table discussions

You want to get to know your clients better, but the skyboxes were already sold out? Consider a round table discussion! Invite up to 20 clients, come up with a relevant theme, provide a good environment and engage each other in conversation. I have met a lot of CEOs & CFOs during my journalistic work, so I know how to hit the right note and crack the hard nuts. It won’t work without preparation, though, so let me know if you have plans; I can always bring in people from my network. Also suitable for offsite meetings (as long as they are not ‘back to nature’).

Event podcasts

The average event lasts three hours. Do you want to keep your audience entertained longer than that? Do you want to ensure that the topic of the day sticks a little longer in the minds of your participants? At an additional cost, Rens will take his mobile studio with him and record a podcast before or during your event. You can later send this podcast to your participants via WhatsApp (for example). Since you are already investing in a good conference, why not let people enjoy it longer?

Study trip travel guide

Ga je een paar dagen op stap met relaties of soortgenoten? Inspiratie opdoen over innovatie, technologie, duurzaamheid, menselijk kapitaal of andere interessante thema’s? En heb je nog een reisleider nodig? Ik stap graag bij jullie in. Van het verzorgen van het eerste kennismakingsrondje tot het inaccuraat samenvatten van de reis tijdens het afscheidsdiner, ik ben erbij. In de bus even iedereen bijpraten? Geen probleem. De eerste vraag stellen na een presentatie? I am your man. Kortom, moet je de groep goed energiek houden, gecombineerd met inhoudelijke kennis. Laat het weten.

Rens de Jong