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How to create brilliant quiz questions? 5 tips!

More than often I get the question: can we also do a quiz at our event? The same goes for BuzzMaster, more and more requests are coming in to organize an interactive quiz, for example during a customer or staff event. That is perfectly logical. A quiz creates a buzz, competition and it is a fun way to transfer information.

Will airlines struggle in the world of VR?

The promise of virtual reality has been with us quite some time. But now things are starting to look promising on the short term. Olcus Rift, Hololens, and Samsung VR-goggles are already on sale, or will be hitting the market

5 Tips to Get the Best out of Your Event’s Speakers

5 Tips to Get the Best out of Your Event’s Speakers If you’ve ever organized events, you probably encountered the number one stumbling block: speakers that don’t deliver on their promises. They go on for too long, their contributions are too standard, or they aren’t very to the point. This would be unheard of on radio or TV, but it seems as if they are able to get away with it when it comes to events. Even though you may feel as if you’re at the mercy of the speaker gods, this doesn’t necessarily need to be the case. Let me help you with these 5 tips!

Not a Natural Networker? Don’t Worry – Here Are 8 Tips to Help You Out!

Networking, networking events – as an entrepreneur you know they’re part of the deal. However, not everyone is a natural at networking and a lot of people struggle. Let me help you improve your networking game! Tip 1: Stop Selling, Start Listening. A lot of people seem to think networking is the same as selling. It isn’t. Networking is about establishing and building relationships. A crucial element of this process is showing genuine interest in the person across from you. I mean, think about it: do you really want to keep talking to the people that start pushing their product 4 minutes into the conversation?

8 Tips for a Brilliant Pitch

I’m sure it has happened to you, too. You’re at some professional gathering, helping yourself to a drink and a bite, and someone comes up to you and asks ‘So, what does your company do?’. I’ll be perfectly honest with you. I may have made my career out of talking, but I messed up the answer to that question for longer than I care to admit to. Too long, too vague. But hey, at least I was enthusiastic! So, I decided to improve my pitch. How? Preparation and practice. Here’s what I learned and what I think you should know, too!

7 Tips for a Memorable Presentation

It’s a challenge each of us has to face every once in a while: giving a presentation. As you can probably imagine I’ve come across my fair share of public speakers at various events. Some of these presentations are quite good, but most need a lot of work. So, let me do my part and give you a few pointers before taking the stage.