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Apple’s 1997 ‘Think Different’ commercial really inspires me. It’s about people that look at things differently. Granted, they’re not the easiest people to work with, but they do change the status quo: “They invent. They imagine. They heal. They explore. They create. They inspire. They push the human race forward”.

These changing times require precisely this breed of people. Only people with the guts to go against the grain, the people that do things differently have the ability to actually change things.

These creative minds are everywhere: entrepreneurs, scientists, CEOs, politicians, and students. They take on the status quo wherever they are. They prefer looking for possibilities instead of thinking in terms of impossibilities. That’s why I interview them, discuss issues with them and pass their stories on to others.

Here’s to the crazy ones

BNR: Zaken doen met Rens de Jong

I host BNR’s Zaken Doen Met… every Monday. My guests are incredibly diverse and range from successful entrepreneurs to the people behind budding start-ups. The people joining me often have very outspoken opinions and creative business ideas. I challenge them, present them with dilemmas and get to the heart of the issues at hand.
Tune in every Monday between 13.30 and 15.00 on BNR.
Listen to old episodes here: (Dutch only)

RTLZ: Z in Zaken

How do you make a lot of money with a genius idea? How do you get the economy to work in your favor? What’s the quickest way to the top? My guests and I look back on the week. Top level executives, young entrepreneurs, trend watchers and financial geniuses discuss the latest business news. My guests and I cover topics such as entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, sustainability and international business. It’s a guaranteed energetic start to your weekend!
Fridays at 16.30, 22.30, Saturdays at 16.00 and Sundays at 20.00 on RTL Z.
Watch old episodes here: (Dutch only)

RTLZ: Financiële top

Whether you grow beans or brew beer, it’s the financials that decide. How do these financials view their companies? Are they boring spreadsheet lovers or do they possess insights that others lack? In Financiële Top I join these financials for a tour of their company.
Broadcast on RTL XL and RTLZ.
Watch old episodes here:!/gemist/financile-top-304261 (Dutch only)