I am an anchor for BNR Nieuwsradio, I make TV programs for RTLZ, I moderate debates during conferences and seminars, and I hold talks on subjects such as companies and entrepreneurship, in Dutch as well as in English.

In 2014, I was awarded the title “Moderator of the Year”. 

In 2013, Quote magazine named me one of the most popular event-moderators in The Netherlands.

I am specialized in everything entrepreneurship related, as you can hear in the BNR program ‘Zakendoen met Rens de Jong’ and the RTL TV program ‘Z in Zaken’. I am convinced that entrepreneurs and companies play a key role in all the major changes that occur in our lives, in society and in the world.

My interviews and discussions often center on sustainability, how to have organizations focus on their customers, the future shape and form of companies, and how to deal with talent. I use these discussions to talk to entrepreneurs, CEOs, and CFOs about their dilemmas and challenges

You can download my bio here.

Keynote Speaker

I am frequently invited as a keynote speaker. I always challenge the audience to join in, ask for their thoughts, and make sure they enjoy the session. A good key note should not put people to sleep, it should energize them! I would like you to take a look at two of my talks.

Brilliant Failures

The French education system is increasingly paying attention to failure. They are looking to remove its stigma – as they should! No success without failure, no sweet without sweat. This is a plea in favor of failure and innovation, and talks about how failure takes you to new places. This talk is wrapped in inspiring examples of failure.

Storytelling: How Do I Enlist Employees or Customers?

Do you think your customers are rational beings? Or do you think your employees balance the pros and cons of your plans? Of course not! People are emotional creatures and base their decisions on their gut feelings. However, the world of business fails to capitalize on that knowledge all too often. Our brains are much better at remembering a story than bullet points. Yet, what do we do in business? Exactly the opposite. I will tell your audience what they can learn from news reports, fairytales and blockbusters. What makes a good story? And is it okay if sometimes things go wrong in your own story? Absolutely!